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URGENT!! Stand a chance to win a Bursary

SAINT is proud to offer the following bursaries of which were kindly sponsored by the SAIW and ANDTc. All women who are currently involved with NDT/Inspection ...or wish to start a career in this exciting field now stand a chance of winning Should you be interested, please send an email to Robin at requesting an APPLICATION FORM.

Frikkie de Beer

takes the H. Rohloff Trophy for the best research project.

What has SAINT Achieved over the past year?

What Milestones has the SAINT Professional Body for NDT reached? Read the attached reports from the 2016 Annual General Meeting for all the details...

SAINT Awards

Non-destructive Achievers Recognised at the SAINT Awards

NDT The Wisdom of Crowds

The Achilles’ heel of any committee of experts is that infamous phrase: 'unknown unknowns'. BINDT columnist Bernard McGrath gives us his take on this...

Technology Old & New

The old saying "the more things change, the more they stay the same" could well apply to technological developments. NDT guru Bernard McGrath explores old and new technologies...

NDT Thoughts From Abroad

What Can NDT learn from an Octopus? See what our intrepid NDT explorer Bernard McGrath says...

VUT Lecture Online

Honourary SAINT Member Prof. Arthur Every recently delivered a public lecture enntitled "The Importance of Elastic Anisotropy in Ultrasonic Inspection and Materials Characterisation" at the Vaal University of Techology on 29 November. Every is a Professor Emeritus at Wits University. Most of his research falls within the broad field of wave propagation and phonon transport in elastically anisotropic solids.....

Signal to Noise Communication

Recently, whilst I was in the garden, a flock of birds in the trees squawked loudly and chaotically, which overloaded my aural system and was particularly annoying. I realised then that Twitter is well named…. Read what BINDT's Bernard McGrath says about Signal-to-noise in communication....

SAINT and its Professional Body leads South Africa to a professional self-regulating NDT industry.

The SAINT Professional Body (SPBNDT) was awarded professional body status in 2015. SPBNDT is now registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) with the authority to issue designations to NDT Level I Operators and Level II NDT Technicians.

Pinhole Photography

Level II NDT Inspector and owner of NDT and Inspection Solutions (NIS), Jannie de Beer, shares a challenging yet amusing obstacle many faced in NDT before technology got the better of us.

The Promise and Threat of Artificial Intelligence

onthejob | by Bernard McGrath, Monitoring & Inspection Design Amec Foster Wheeler

An insightful Q&A with Floyd Rezant

Level III Inspector and Director at Spectra Inspection Services and Beyond NDT and Inspections, Floyd Rezant, shares his biggest influences in his NDT career, in an insightful Q&A.

One on one Interview with Hannes Barnard

In an interview with Level III Inspector and Business Deveopment Manager of African Non-Destructive Testing Centre (ANDTC) Hannes Barnard, we find out about Hannes and the fascinating story behind the of creation Inspector EISH (our Extremely Important Superhero).

Why YOU need to Join SAINT...

In almost all branches of engineering NDT is the eye of the engineer into the component. In fact today NDT is the key to Quality Control in all spheres of engineering and SAINT strives to assure a professional NDT industry in South Africa. You are invited to become a member of this winning team!

The First World Congress on Condition Monitoring | Call for Papers

The First World Congress on Condition Monitoring, takes place from 13-16 June 2017, at the ILEC Conference Centre, London.

SAINT 2016/17 Yearbook

The 2016/2017 SAINT Yearbook Launch is is now just a fond memory, but the Handbook is a still a "must have"! If you missed out on your copy at the launch, you still have a chance to buy one! The 2016/2017 Yearbook is available, simply fill in the Order Form to get a copy.

Customers & Codes vs New NDT Methods

Level III NDE Inspector Philly le Roux keeps us up to date on Customers and codes versus New NDT methods.....

Technology New and Old

BINDT’s very own author Bernard McGrath is “onthejob” in an exciting article about the development of technology in Non-Destructive Testing.

Q&A With Jannie de Beer

Level II NDT Inspector brings us closer into his 27 years of experience in the industry.

SAINT Honours Women in NDT

A Day of Inspiration

SAINT Interview with Pat Garland

Pat Garland Level III Consultant at OSG, shows his passion for NDT in his Q&A with SAINT…

The Unseen World of NDT

An intriguing insight into the world of NDT. This fact-finding video shows interesting facts on what goes on behind close doors and on the field…

Getting to know Inspector Eish

Inspector Eish has brought humour and excitement to SAINT. There is simply no better time than now to get to know our 'Extremly Intelligent Super Hero Eish!

Q&A with Ben Buys

"I try to learn from everyone I know: clients, students, friends and foes! Learning from my own mistakes is valuable, but it hurts less when learning from ‘operator experience’...." FIND OUT WHAT ELSE BEN HAS TO SAY..

Why I'm a Proud Member of SAINT

A Word from industry leaders.

SAINT President's Speech at the Yearbook Launch

If you weren't able to attend the Official SAINT Yearbook Launch, don't despair! You can still read what our honorable President had to say on the day.

SAINT Celebrates Milestones

The South African Institute for Non-Destructive Testing is making significant progress in cementing its position as the cornerstone body for Non-Destructive Testing professionals and practitioners in Southern Africa.

So you wanna be a Level III?

Many of us have the hopes of becoming a Level III at some point in our career. However we seem to get conflicting information on what the actual requirements are. This article intends to address the requirements as well as the structure of the actual examinations.

SAINT Interview with Grant Meredith

Q&A with The Owner of Pulse Inspection Services

Techtra Engineering Consultants – Where Client is King!

“The Customer is King! I’ll do whatever has to be done to see them right.” Strong words from Techtra Engineering Consultants’ owner Chris Georgiou...Read More

Interview with David Gilbert, Deputy CEO of the British Institute of NDT

The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT) is strong and vibrant, and SAINT caught up with Deputy CEO David Gilbert at the recent African NDT mini-conference in Middleburg…

Gearing Ultrasonics to todays NDT needs

This fascinating article, submitted by Pat Garland, is a trip down memory lane...

NDT Specialist Showcases Gekko Ultrasonic Testing System

“Our ultrasonic testing products have always been state-of-the-art,” says Philippe Rubbers...

SAINT Interview with Amanda van der Westhuizen – GE

She’s tenacious, she’s energetic and she’s passionate about all things NDT! She’s Amanda van der Westhuizen’s Sales Leader – Sub-Saharan Africa: Oil & Gas...

Spectrometer Technologies

Spectrometer Technologies Adds Value In Tough Times!

Permanent Magnets

MPI using the AC Yoke on site can be challenging when power supply is limited.


Today’s topic is about those who just do not contribute as they should.

Selling NDT

In the past few months I had the opportunity to represent NDT at international trade-shows. The nice thing about these shows is to see how other people market their brand or product.


Reconciling the documentation to complete the data packs for final handover.

NDT Integrity

Why integrity is key for all NDT tecnicians.

Knowing Your Favourite NDT Method

Knowing the ins and outs of your favourite NDT method is important for your career. Something else you need to know about is the inner workings of your employer.

This week’s topic is confidentiality.

How do you deal with critical and confidential information? What are your responsibilities?

Clients Have a Right to Disagree

‘What happens when a client disagrees with your report? Read what NDT Operations Manager Hennie de Wet says

PT in the Wind

Ignore the Basics of PT at your peril... Says IQ International’s Hennie de Wet

The Blame Game - Sad, But True

The procedure will now be scrutinized and when they find something wrong, the Level III will get the blame. In turn, the Level III will blame the client for approving a faulty procedure in the first place.


In our industry, much the same as in any other, preparation is always the first step. Yet many technicians fail to understand that preparation is an integral part of the job

NDT Market Research Shows

Non-Destructive Testing Equipment & Services Market worth $6.88 Billion by 2020. Ultrasonic testing and radiography are identified as one of the emerging Non-Destructive Testing

Road Safety vs Radiation Safety

Radiation safety can be compared to road transport safety. Although both are very important and are in dire need of being taken care of, the way in which they are dealt with can be quite concerning.

Dye Penetrant Testing and Pre-Cleaning

One of the myths in NDT is that Dye Penetrant Testing is becoming obsolete. However, in our high-tech society where many power stations, mines, pulp manufacturing plants etc. are aging rapidly and require fatigue crack detection, can the old NDT method, Dye Penetrant Testing be forgotten?

The illogical way of getting the job done

The complex working of our minds, both in ourselves and in others, can lead us to assume the logical path, which subsequently turns out not to be as logical as we might hope. Take the interview process. We are taught to present ourselves well, to be personable and build a rapport with the interviewer.

Life Lessons: Forgettng the basics

I'm sure we have all been there before, fresh of our first course and eager to prove to our superiors that our time spent working as assistants has been a waste of our talents. Quietly whispering to yourself, "it's about damn time" that first time the boss calls you into his office to inform you will be going on your first solo run.

Story Time Memories 2: - Dr H.O. Reisener

He also told us about his life and the fact that he trained in Germany before the 1939-1945 war. He had a Leica Camera with which he photographed many historical buildings in Germany. After the war he offered these photographs to the German authorities and it was used in the restoration of the buildings. He lent us the camera on several occasions and I remember using the telephoto lens that he had.

Story Time Memories 1: - Dr H.O. Reisener

The trip in those days - around the 1970 -1980 era - went fom Vereeniging via the Golden Highway past Uncle Charlies into Johannesburg central and out to the North through Hillbrow along Louis Botha Avenue onto the Old Pretoria Road. Hence to Halfway House, Zwartkops, Voortrekkerhoogte to Central Pretoria and out towards the Reisener residence near Sunnyside.

Down To Earth

Since the job had started in the late afternoon, the duration thereof ran into the night. When it got too dark to see without artificial lighting, one of the customers' labourers lent me an old halogen type floodlight that had been rigged to work straight from a 220V electricity supply i.e. fitting, cabtyre cable and plug.

Fumes for Fools 2

It was a routine Friday afternoon; braai fire ready for the first steaks, the 'senior' technician (let's call him Idiom - short for being an idiot and moron) had already finished three double brandy and cokes as was quite busy with his fourth.

Fumes For Fools

To my amazement I turned to my right hand side and noticed the cigarette burnt out still in my colleague’s mouth and his facial hair: eye brows, moustache and beard were totally gone.

Who you Calling Complacent

A bit of respect, prudence, and general manners goes a long way towards ensuring that you are requested by name to do repeat work for your customer.

Myth: One Becquerel

Fact: One Becquerel (Bq) does not represent a measurable health risk. It equals one radioactive decay (or disintegration) per second of any radionuclide and is part of a natural process. The truth is that most things we eat and drink contain naturally-occurring radioactive elements

NDT Level 3 Role

Following a survey conducted amongst current Level 3 Inspection personnel that posed the question 'What is the role of an NDT Level 3 Inspector in industry?' SAIW's Harold Jansen presents his findings.The need for competent inspection personnel is established via the statutory code while the rules for qualification, certification and relevant duties/responsibilities of personnel, are found in related standards.

What is a European Standard

Standards are all around us, even if we are not always aware of them. One example of a widely-used standard is the A4 size for sheets of paper. A standard is a document that sets out requirements for a specific item, material, component, system or service, or describes in detail a particular method or procedure.

Basic Introduction to Ultrasonics

Ultrasonic testing (UT) has been used as an NDT method for a number of years in general industry and there is still a fair amount of confusion regarding the capabilities and the terminologies of this method of testing. The intention of this article is to provide a better understanding of the "dark art" of ultrasonic testing to the "non-NDT" fraternity.

Presidents Report

I thank you for this opportunity, and ensure you of our commitment as council in the coming year to further improve the functioning of the institute to the benefit of you, a member of the Southern African Institute for Nondestructive Testing.

PBNDT Road Show

With the 18th WCNDT (World Conference on Non Destructive Testing) held in Durban behind us and all the vibe that went with it, SAINT (South African Institute for Non Destructive Testing) had to reassess its role with regards to the members and NDT in general for the South African industry. The SAINT Council did not want to lose the momentum generated during the hype that was created during the World Conference.

Reports: A Closer Look

NDT personnel are often required to compile reports for two primary purposes. The reports are used to communicate information to customers, colleagues and managers, and they are used to document the equipment and procedures used in testing and the results obtained. These results may be used so that the inspection can be repeated if necessary or built upon.

Intelligent Pigging

How do you demonstrate the integrity of a buried 18" schedule 40 pipe line that is used to transport crude oil from the middle of a tropical rainforest to the sea, 123km away, where ships can collect and transport the oil worldwide?

Course in NDT

In South Africa the NDT engineering curriculum at Universities is severely neglected. NDT is included in the undergraduate course content of only one university. This knowledge gap leaves the engineering fraternity vulnerable as they are unaware of what their contribution toward successful performance of NDT has to be.

ISO 9712 2005 Vs 2012

Changes from the third edition (ISO 9712 : 2005) includes: clarification of responsibilities for the certification body, the qualification body and the examination centre

SAINT Indaba Report

On the 15th of February 2013, SAINT held an Indaba (Zulu for “important matter”) for the South African NDT community to get together and air their needs, desires and raise the proverbial complaint concerning NDT RSA.

Radiation on Board

How important are those radiation warnings signs that must be displayed on vehicles transporting radioactive material? Let’s look at what will happen when both the technician and his assistant, who were travelling in the vehicle, are unconscious after being involved in an accident.